Jim Rigby discusses Protestants and Presbyterians

Jim Rigby is Pastor of St. Andrews Presbyterian Church in Austin and is a leading progressive thinker in the Mission Presbytery of Texas and in the Presbyterian Church nationally. He has also survived two, what some have called, heresy trials and is currently being investigated and adjudicated for allowing an Atheist seeker to join his church. In short, he is a trouble maker. And a great one. He calls the church to walk the walk, while the powers that be seem determined to just talk themselves into more and more…………..well, hypocrisy crouched as protecting the integrity of the Church.

You will find this a very challenging interview, regardless of your formal religious affiliation. It is a hi-res telescope which focuses the conflict in Protestantism between worship of the past and embrace of a much different future, which Karen and I understand to be a totally New Reformation. And you can be absolutely certain that the Church, as it did in the First Reformation, will fight till the end to focus on the past and reject the future…..until……as they say, change happens one funeral at a time.

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  1. Great interview guys! A brilliant conversation about how to decode the current understandings about God, religion and spirituality. Very timely – very insightful!

  2. Sandra Wollenberg says:


  3. N Granzotti says:

    So comforting to know that there are ministers like him in this town……, I should say, active ministers…… And presumably, his congregation is of like or simillar mind……..Good stuff!

  4. Jim’s my pastor. St Andrews is my church – even when I don’t make it to Sunday services very often, it’s still my spiritual home.

    He’s amazing, and I’m thrilled that I happened to find him 19 years ago via my sister-in-law.

    I just hope he finishes his book soon! We’ve been waiting for it for years and years.