Sara Hickman, Musician, Social Activist and Kind Soul!

Sara is known all over the world for the music she writes and performs. In this warm interview Sara explains what kindness means to her and the effect kindness has on other people.

Jim Rigby, Minister, St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church

Jim is known throughout the Austin area, and beyond, as a committed worker for Justice, Human Rights and Fair Treatment for all.  In this interview, he explains where his compassion comes from and the powerful effects that occur as a result of genuine kindness.

Guner Arslan for Austin Kindness & Wisdom

Guner is a Muslim who founded the Dialogue Institute Southwest to improve the conversation between Muslims and members of other religions in the Austin area.

Eric Pahl and Austin Kindness & Wisdom

Eric is recovering from an illness and the kindnesses he received while ill have deeply impacted his life.

Lynne Lam discusses Kindness in Austin

Lynne Lam is Joe’s wife and a professional care giver. She understands Kindness and she knows how Austin is different!

Elizabeth Quintanilla

Elizabeth Quintanilla is founder and CEO of Marketing Gunslingers, a fast track Austin firm. She knows a lot about consciousness as you will see below:

Mary Beth Wilbanks

Mary Beth is a much loved teacher and Consciousness Student here in Austin and she is extremely kind.

Joe Lam for the Austin Kindness and Wisdom Series

Eugene Sepulveda and the Entrepreneurs Foundation

Eugene joins us for a Austin Kindness & Wisdom interview.  Eugene is both a local and a national player in funding, technology and computer issues.

Victoria Tai, Austin Kindness & Wisdom Interview

588061898_100x75Victoria Tai has been in Austin for ten years. Recently she began to experience her ability to have powerful positive effects on people with physical issues. This is the short story of how living in Austin affected her growth and prepared her for the work she was destined to do here.