Our Christmas Card to You for 2016

Sara Hickman, Musician, Social Activist and Kind Soul!

Sara is known all over the world for the music she writes and performs. In this warm interview Sara explains what kindness means to her and the effect kindness has on other people.

The Passing of a Paradigm – The Great Division and Disclosure.

Aluna Joy Yaxkin

Aluna Joy Yaxkin

This is an article published by Aluna Joy Yaxkin shortly after the polls closed in America on November 8, 2016.  I am reposting this on our page because we must immediately confront what this election means and how we are going to live our lives in a new reality.

Aluna Joy writes: “I received this message weeks ago, but I am posting it after our voting has closed, because this article is not about a singular election. I know this article may ruffle some feathers, so I am going to say this nicely… If you post angry, ugly, political comments, conspiracy theory, or any fear mongering, they will be taken down. It is not the point of this article, nor will they be relevant. I am asking you to see these world events and our personal events as clues to our evolution.”


The Passing of a Paradigm. The Great Division and Disclosure.

For decades, we have prepared for where we are right now. And if we feel torn in half in more ways than we can count, then we are a part of a great divide between worlds. Anxiousness, anxiety, overly passionate, mixed with profound apathy are a part of everyone’s daily experience these days. We are ready for it to be OVER already, and this encompasses more than you think (If you dare… Read more…).

We are being asked to let go of our expectations of anything continuing as what we perceive as normal. The old material world was created from frequencies and belief systems that no longer apply! This will be our new flow … to embrace the continual and sometimes shocking changes. We must remember that no experience or earned wisdom is ever lost, and that they have helped us arrive to where we are right now. Any constructs and programs that are based in truth and natural law will always remain, and morph into new and higher frequencies and expressions.

We have cleared out most of the barriers to our inner truth, and we have transduced reality and spirituality down to one core decision. There are two clear sides now on how to make any decision. We can choose what our material world (ego) supports, or we can choose what our hearts (love) support. These two are further apart than ever before. There is a huge detachment, a cosmic unanchoring, from the old material world among a huge mass of the population. Global apathy is gripping us in a tight hold that we can’t seem to break free from. We might think we are giving up on changing our world for the better, but what if we are letting go of what is not true to make room for what is?

I do not like to get political, but for today it is a good analogy for what is going on in our cosmic evolution. So please don’t post angry political comments on this post, because you will miss the point of this message. The point is … are we literally voting (physically and spiritually) to collapse the old world paradigms so a new world can be born.

A few clues…
In the UK, most people didn’t know how to vote on Brexit. Yet… a majority said they DID vote for succession from the EU. Yet, when it was all said and done, they were shocked when it actually succeeded! And now they want a do over. What? And the UK is not even vaguely prepared on how this will play out for them. So what happened? Did England’s citizens vote for something they didn’t want? … Or did they? Are they voting to let go of old Earth paradigms.

The same issue is happening here in the USA. We have two main candidates, and no one seems to want either one, at least in my circles. No one knows how to vote, and most people say that they will vote for one, because they don’t want the other. It isn’t a vote when you vote to avoid something. This only neutralizes our creative energy. We sit back in a weird, confusing detachment, and we have allowed these events to happen.

Another clue is the question why real quality people are not attracted to the job of running a country. Out of millions of smart people worldwide, has it really come to this? Is it because these jobs are becoming obsolete and not supported by the future ahead of us? Just think about it.

Going through the motions of what we use to be passionate about is also a big clue to what we might be letting go of. Are we becoming, numb, anesthetized and simply waiting it out? This pervasive feeling of drudgery and plodding through what was once exciting and passionate is a huge clue that we could be pulling our energy out of old archaic systems. Does it mean that the old way of governing a country and planet is not as important to us as it once was? Is it now obsolete? Is something new beginning to take its place?

It is becoming clear that we (most who are still reading this now) are letting go, and allowing the self destruction of the constructs of an old paradigm by simply standing back and allowing it to happen; like cutting the string to a balloon that we do not want anymore. Are we allowing an implosion to take place? Choosing nothing, even the lesser of the two, is a vote to fully enter the void between worlds and travel toward an alternate reality. Those of us who are looking impartially (a.k.a. witnessing), with eyes wide open, can see that even ones who appear to be unconscious are actually helping us let go of the old world paradigms. Like I have said in the past, we may have arrived from different places, but we are in the same boat now, together as one.

These huge changes, wobbling in the very structure of our society’s foundation, are huge clues to what is happening WITHIN US now. For most, the energy has been freaking insane! It is like someone opened the pen and let a heard of wild mustangs out! The etheric duck tape is off our true voices, and we are unleashed, bigger and wilder. We are completely unprepared for this new, wild west world. We are letting go of the past, but we are still fighting to throw all caution to the wind, and really let go.

In our personal lives, we are torn between what appears to be practical, provable, and material, to what our heart and soul yearns to be true. It is getting harder to choose any path at this point, and yet magic is beginning to happen from many perspectives and many paths all at once. Humanity has a lot of irons in the fire so to speak. There is a matrix of possibility in front of us. We are now standing firmly on the first foundation stone in a new cycle of time. Say good-bye to linear time and creation.

The temporary whiplash effect.
I find my consciousness continually going to multiple places where anything is possible, and then whiplashed back into the current reality of limitation. We need to ask ourselves “Are we dreamers, or creators?” Do we let our dreams die and face what we think is still reality, or do we give a final big push to birth this new world. It is feeling very tangible now. We need to move past mere imagining into fully creating as living masters.

This great divide has been coming for decades and most evidently to most people since 2013. The only place I feel the Earth is holding any equilibrium for a new evolution is in the world’s sacred sites, the ley lines, the dragon lines, the serpent lines, etc…. It is becoming apparent that these places will hold firm through this shift as they have through many other shifts prior to this time. No wonder we love to be in these sacred places.

Rebooting a huge cycle of time, like this 104,000 year cycle of the maya calendars, is new to us all. We didn’t get a guidebook, or an owner’s manual to this new cycle. We have no idea if we are making the right choices or where this is leading. We only have our heart to listen to, and, even with that, it doesn’t seam practical or even familiar. It might take decades for us to see the results of what is happeing RIGHT NOW. Evolution uses massive cycles of time so that life can evolve with it. And up to now, we usually don’t live long enough to see the outcome of these shifts.

Have we now grown this strong?
Are we ready to vote for the last veils to be removed that have kept us from collective global truth, and are we voting (allowing) others to do this heavy work for us? Yes we are! If we truly want all the darkness to be revealed and have full disclosure, who would be willing to step up and do that job for us? Are you following me here? Only a person fueled by ego, power and a total loss of a moral compass would walk into this job. God bless them.

And you might think “Oh no, I didn’t want to vote for that like the Brits did.” But what did we expect when we asked for truth to be unveiled in a world that is still quite asleep? Was your vote wrong? No! On the other side of this temporary chaos and global mess, these unconscious ones are unveiling to us all the hidden lies. Don’t they know we can see this happening? They are blinded by their heavy purpose to dissolve this world, and they don’t see that the world’s camera is on them right now, and we see the truth!

The acceleration of duality is astonishing, nearly comical, and it is leaving us simply dumbfounded. We are seeing a HUGE rise in the victim versus the aggressor. We are seeing this in global politics, violence, racial divisions, record breaking weather patterns, Earth changes and solar events. All of these events are giving us just what we asked for! They are helping us to finally achieve full disclosure of truth and the resolution to all the lies that we have been fed. The children’s story about the emperor has no clothes has come to life.

We want those that we vote into power to be intelligent and honorable. If we had better more impeccable and honorable choices, we might have voted for them. Thus we might have stayed in the dark, and the lies and power mongering could have continued. So what we have in front of us is a choice to accept these court jesters in our lives. We must support them in their process to unveil to the entire world all the skeletons in the global closet! And then we can be done with it. So now we can understand why no intelligent and awake person would want the heavy job of dissolving out of date constructs and programming. (Again God bless them all) When you think about it, we are pretty clever for allowing others to do this hard work, so we can all reap the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow … A new world.

Eric Pahl and Austin Kindness & Wisdom

Eric is recovering from an illness and the kindnesses he received while ill have deeply impacted his life.

Elizabeth Quintanilla

Elizabeth Quintanilla is founder and CEO of Marketing Gunslingers, a fast track Austin firm. She knows a lot about consciousness as you will see below:

Mary Beth Wilbanks

Mary Beth is a much loved teacher and Consciousness Student here in Austin and she is extremely kind.

Peter & Christopher Yarrow and STEWBALL!

Peter was in town on September 19 at the One World Theatre and his son Christopher accompanied him on the gut bucket. Great Night, Great Song, Great Duo!

Heaven Help Us!

20120220-_MG_Small6032By Chuck Robison

I am pretty sure that heaven already exists right here on Earth, so I am not worried about the accommodations.

I have studied many of the near death reports of people who have been there and come back and I anticipate the following. There will be a meeting with a Being who I will identify as God. Together we will review my life and my interactions with everyone in my life. I will be asked to judge how I lived and I will probably be reeling at the discovery of how many people I mindlessly hurt along the way. The Being will then tell me that none of that was important. What really counted was what I learned in my interactions with all others prior to death. And He will ask me that question. Whatever I have learned in this lifetime will determine the curriculum for my next life on earth. Of course I believe in reincarnation, don’t you?

I will then meet all the people in my life who are, by then, in Heaven. I am already amazed to know that each and every one of them…..especially the ones most difficult to deal with in this life….are powerful eternal spiritual beings who worked with me to learn the lessons my soul needed to learn in this life time. And we will all be together again on Earth to learn the next round of lessons and our souls will continue to grow eternally.

Finally, I will learn again the lesson I am learning now. I am an eternal spiritual being. I’m already where I thought I was going and I have already won the prize. Now there is nothing to do but sit back and enjoy eternity. Now and forever. It’s called Peace on Earth and the Peace that Passes All Understanding.

Austin Artist Robin Hunt Memorial Service


We attended the Memorial Service for our friend and Great Austin Artist Robin Hunt on Saturday, June 11, 2016, This little video is our reminder of this dear persons life and achievements.

Powershift Era

Hill Country News Opinion Article 2016-04-13

4x6 B&W Chuck Portrait 6032

By Chuck Robison

Yogi Berra said “When you come to a fork In the road……….take it”. We have reached the fork in the road for the whole world. In his 1990 book, Powershift, Alvin Toffler said: “For this is the dawn of the Powershift Era. We live at a moment when the entire structure of power that held the world together is now disintegrating. A radically different structure of power is taking form. And this is happening at every level of human society.” Things are changing, like it or not.

Our prophets of doom are all revved up for a coming catastrophe. Almost everyone you know has a private list of all the things that are wrong. Just to sweeten the load, we have divided ourselves into at least two major camps that have lost the ability to speak to each other. We have somehow created the most fearful time in our known history.

This fear-full, self-fulfilling prophesy does not take into account Free Will, the first law of the Universe. We are free at any time to change our minds and change our lives at superluminal speeds. Ask someone you know who decided on the deepest level to reject cancer’s power and experienced a sudden and permanent remission. In giving us Free Will, God gave us the moment-by-moment choice to express the deepest of our longings, and he built us so that our deepest longings are also his Will.

The opportunity encountered at this fork is that many of us are accepting the call to change our minds and rise above all the fear and negativity and see, explore and help others experience a bigger picture. This means living above the level where separations appear real, rising all the way up to where we see only one. ONE is EVERYTHING. Science seems to be seeing it most often. The very atoms that form the stars are the same atoms that form our bodies.

From this viewpoint we can derive a very simple rule: If something creates separation, it is moving in the wrong direction. If it creates inclusion, it moves us closer to God, our deepest desires and to each other. Consciousness is knowing we are One and, because we are one with all, we cannot, on the deepest level, kill, eliminate or remove anyone or anything from the One, which is eternal. Loving our brother as ourselves is not just a good idea, it is the law.

Recently the Dali Lama said: “My religion is Kindness. No labels, no doctrines, no rituals, no exclusions of any kind, no holy causes, just this: be kind to each other.” The Master Jesus said it, as has every other Master whoever lived: Do to everyone, as you would have him or her do to you. This is the positive side of the fork in the road we are approaching.

Now imagine what would happen if enough of us decided that Kindness really was the Great Way. Imagine a world without war, with enough food and water for all 7 billion of us. Imagine free energy, free education, free health care, housing for everyone. And each person with a true voice in the outcome. If we really believed in our universal Oneness, we would have no fear that someone could kill us. Having just celebrated Easter, we Christians have already professed to believe death is not real.

Will this change ever occur? Yes. The fork in the road is here for that purpose. There is evidence that other civilizations, long lost, took actions that led to their destruction, and they got there by using their Free Will. We, with our 30,000 nuclear bombs and drones, could finish off the whole world in less than 24 hours. You would really have to stretch the truth to believe that is what a loving God wants as an expression of His Will.

So the fork we can choose to take is the fork that leads to union with each other and with the whole universe. Is that Pie in the Sky? Yes! Apple Pie! Will we make the right choice? Yes! Who will lead us there? You and I will. Every time we choose Oneness over separation, we move ourselves one step closer to the union of Oneness that is our heart’s desire. The teachings of the Buddha can be summed up in three words: “Come and See.” Take that fork.