Fear, Itself.

One of the nice things about becoming an Elder in our Tribe is knowing that you can probably handle whatever comes your way. “Whatever does not kill you, makes you stronger” is a true statement. The big fear, death itself, seems to be an old friend when you have been asking yourself about it for sixty years. Yes, it is unknown, but it is not an elective. We are all going there.

Fear, however, still seems to be the most powerful force we deal with on a daily basis. Any management consultant will tell you that fear is the big motivator in any business in the world, which appears to be true. Many people have lived their entire lives in fear-full situations. Fear breeds ulcers, distrust and true unhappiness.

In the past few years, something new has been added. When we first logged on to the Internet in the early nineties, we believed this to be the great communication tool we had dreamed about for so long. It was and still is. Now, however, the Internet is filled with fear and we have no idea who is generating it or why.

Everything that happens today seems to be followed within hours, by a comprehensive post about the supposed conspiracy behind the event. Disinformation is the rule of the day and seems to be everywhere. Now we read the Occupy and Anonymous Movements have been co-opted by the National Security Agency for purposes of discrediting what they are trying to accomplish.

Unfortunately, our Fear of Government (FOG) has brought us to this moment of fear of guns and fear of having our guns taken away. What a mess! Remarkably, there are many people who believe their assault weapons and other armaments will protect them from a government take-over. Texans, especially, seem to have forgotten the real lesson of Waco. Our government is forever better armed than any entity in the world, and we are not going to be able to challenge the government with the guns we hoard in our basements. Period.

This coupled with the fact that our government rammed the Patriot Act down our throats after less than thirty days of writing and discussing that 363 page document. Forcing us to willingly give up our Constitutional rights in the name of security, has only added to the problem. We are not safer as a result.

Our forefathers knew they would have to stop the British, but that was the smaller part of their two problems. The bigger problem was creating an entirely new way to govern ourselves effectively in a system exceeding a kings’ power.

Today we face a similar problem. We have to create a new way of governing our lives that works in today’s realities. And it demands to be based on inclusivity, lack of fear, equality and genuine freedom.

Fear causes many of us to seek ever more fear-full means with which to threaten others. First it was 10 megaton nuclear weapons. Now 100 megaton bombs are all the rage………trouble is, no one will survive such a war.

We Texans think of ourselves as God fearing, Bible believing worshippers of the Almighty. However, when we observe how we deal with fear, we negate that belief. We need to remember the spiritual consequences coming to us when we choose to kill or attempt to kill one of our brothers or sisters. If we really trusted in God, we would allow Him to lead us through the various shadowy valleys of death we traverse in this lifetime with the powerful faith that God will always protect us in miraculous ways not possible for those relying on killing machines to protect themselves.

So this is a moment of faith for us all. Either we believe what we say about our faith and our God, or we trust our weapons. Here is the test: which will you take with you when you leave this planet, your guns or your faith? Choose wisely, we’re all playing for keeps!

This article is published in the February 7, 2013 edition of The Hill Country News.

Randy Masters: Harmonic Mathematician

Randy Masters is indeed a master. He has gone to the depths of sound and harmony and brought back a profound understanding of the relationship both have to the Universe and our individual lives. And he discusses this journey with complete candor, authenticity, and a depth that you will find powerful, informative and truly enjoyable. As a special added treat, he performs live for our camera from his living room/studio in Santa Cruz, California. Randy was the host for the Tom Campbell Group Presentation on June 26, 2012. This is a very special person!

All the music in this video is used by permission of Randy Masters.

Aleya Dao – Inter-Dimensional Healer and Prophet

We met Aleya Dao in Telluride shortly after her arrival there in 2001. She created The Healing Company and introduced Telluride to spiritually based energy healing. About five years later she moved to California where she has her current practice. Her insights on this video will force you to accept that her information, authority and energy are truly magnificent, and way beyond what others have been saying. It is as if she is on a mission from someplace else to help us get through this time of profound change. Enjoy listening to a master who speaks with the authority of knowing on the deepest level that she is communicating new and inter-dimensional truth.

I’d love To Teach The World To Sing In Perfect Harmony!

Duke Ellington, when asked how he knew if a song was good, said: “If it feels good, it is good!” This quick and easy answer reveals a profound truth about our species. We come hard-wired to experience harmony because it is one of the necessary elements of our ability to evolve to the next level on our eons-long journey to the target, set by God, for the completion of our evolution at the highest level of Cosmic Consciousness. The dictionary definition of harmony is: “the quality of forming a pleasing and consistent whole.”

New Science Biologists are beginning (very, very slowly) to understand that our next evolutionary step is not going to be the addition of more fingers or toes, but a development in our neuro-spinal energy system which will create a heightened ability to receive and act on cosmic spiritual signals which are rarely available to us at our current level of consciousness. This means we are on our way to experiencing a new understanding of our part in the whole of creation. To get there, we will have to cooperate as co-creators with Nature in our own evolution!

Of course, Nature, in her bounty, has provided us with the tools to be co-creators with her. There is a secret. It is the oldest secret. It has been carefully guarded for 50,000 years to prevent it from getting into the wrong hands. Now, we have arrived at the appointed time for that secret to be broadly revealed. The secret is: Each of us has within us the ability to access the trigger of our own evolution. Creating a life of Harmony with all of life is part of the secret, and our best choice is to accept this incredible gift on our journey.

Just to make it more interesting, we are now hearing a New Science word in everyday conversation: Coherence. Even more curious, the definition of coherence, like harmony, is: “the quality of forming a unified whole.”

What this is telling us, both in the old language and the new, is that living together as a conscious whole…..a whole race, a whole world, a whole galaxy, a whole universe…..is the next step in our evolution.

It is also telling us that those things, events, ideas, actions and people that promote other than harmony are to be avoided. That is one of the reasons this political season is so important to us. As we wake up to discover that twenty-five years ago there were 50 media companies and today there are just five, we will understand how these five entities have perfected ways to manipulate us away from our own best interests and harmony……..all the while, selling us factory grown chicken and high-tech horror movies that they convince us we will enjoy!

Coherence is seen in quantum wave forms…….as more waves move together in the same patterns of ups and downs, they gain power and force. If we work to achieve unity we will also experience the power of coherence….the power of moving past the manipulations that seek to divide us into the power that activates the trigger that propels us, as one, into the next step of our evolution.

Over the span of our evolution, we have become routinely able to experience 50,000,000,000 cells in each of our bodies evolving and cooperating to sustain our bodies so we can each experience life on Earth. Now we are being challenged to cooperate into one humanity where almost 8 billion of us can create a world experience that works for each of us.

If our bodies can do this with 50 trillion cells, surely we can do this with 8 billion cells in all of humanity.

As we act on this larger challenge and seek harmony and coherence with all of life, we will discover there is more than enough of everything to go around and space enough for all of us. The song we will sing will be in perfect harmony.


Photo: David Saenz

Foster and Kimberly Gamble and THRIVE, The Movie

Here is our interview, in two parts, with Foster and Kimberly Gamble, creators and producers of the movie THRIVE: What In The World Will It Take? which now has been translated into 18 languages and seen by more than 4.5 million people since its introduction seven months ago. It has also become the “trailer’ for the global Thrive Movement, which, among other things, is charting a path toward global totally free energy………now that’s a paradigm shift!

We visited Foster and Kimberly at their home in Santa Cruz, California for this amazing interview. Here the Gambles reveal the story of the creation of their movie THRIVE and the nine years it took Foster and Kimberly to make THRIVE a reality. They are both wonderfully spontaneous, open, honest and authentic. This is the remarkable story of how two very talented people chose to dedicate their lives to solving the most pressing problem of our day.

Their work was given freely for the mass audiences of the Internet. In this two-part interview they discuss how they did it and why, and some of the issues that provided motivation to make the movie and the movement stronger.

This interview is at the top of our short list of best interviews we have produced.



And, Finally, here is the full authorized version of THRIVE The Movie.

Bruce Lipton and Tom Campbell – The Summit

On June 26, 2012, in association with MBT Events, we took Tom and Pamela Campbell to the home of Bruce and Margaret Lipton for an historic discussion between these two giants of New Science. Bruce Lipton is an Epigenetic Biologist and Tom Campbell is a NASA Physicist and each has stepped outside the box of their respective disciplines to bring to us what we believe will be the future where Biology and Physics share the same concepts and understandings and will bring us much closer to a unified scientific interaction with our whole cosmos.

Tom has summed up his findings in his massive statement of the Unified Field Theory in My Big Toe (Theory of Everything), which is unique in that he has found Consciousness to be the foundation for both the objective and subjective worlds before us. Niels Bohr, the famous Physicist said: “The strangest thing in Physics is the way it has treated consciousness. In quantum physics, human consciousness has the power to disturb experiments.

Just a peek causes something called “quantum wave function collapse,” which means you just destroyed those nice wave patterns your particles were in. So consciousness is really powerful. Once you have looked, the particle behaves differently.

And yet, despite this enormously important role consciousness plays, physicists have avoided studying it ever since. It is hard to publish anything in the mainstream physics journals. This made no sense to me at all. If consciousness is that powerful and that important, it should be studied more than all those particles. But it is not.”

Tom Campbell with his theory of the Larger Consciousness System, has brought an end to the avoidance of confronting the role of Consciousness in Physics.

Bruce Lipton with his Biology of Belief and Spontaneous Evolution has moved us from the idea that we are victims of our genes to the powerful realization that we are the makers of our lives when we take responsibility for the environment in which we cause our cells to live.

These two new thoughts make it possible for a unification of Physics and Biology and are the start of a brand new science. This two-part interview will challenge your understanding of who we are and what our purpose is.

You are about to be Rocked! ENJOY!

Gene Kieffer, Gopi Krishna and the Kundalini Research Foundation

Gene Kieffer has devoted 42 years of his life to help the world learn about Kundalini as the trigger of evolution in man. He began this journey after a very dramatic dream in 1969 that led him to Pandit Gopi Krishna in India. In time Gene became the editor and publisher of Gopi Krishna’s eighteen books and a confident of the Great Man.

He is also the Founder and current Director of The Kundalini Research Foundation which is dedicated to helping science find ways to understand how a Kundalini experience re-wires the human nervous system which results in many new talents being brought into a person’s life without warning or training. To begin your search in this field once you have seen these two videos, find Gopi Krishna’s early book, The Biological Basis of Religion and Genius.

Gopi Krishna was the only person in the last century to record his experiences in English as he was going through the difficult process of becoming Enlightened. These two interviews with Gene tell you the story behind this one-of-a-kind formative event for Humanity’s next five hundred years.

We are also posting this interview on our You Tube Channel where you will find this interview and many of our prior interviews. In the event your internet connection is too slow for Vimeo to work quickly, this is the place to go for a fast solution! We hope you like this addition!

Enjoy and Marvel that such an event happened in our lives.

Interviews with Ourselves and Scott Andrews from our Book

Our book is suddenly taking off, mainly because what we wrote in 2008 is now unfolding right before our eyes. We did several interviews with people who are in the book, with Aliases, and they will give you a nice flavor of what we wrote and why we wrote it.

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Our Interview with Paul Martin, Salida, Colorado

We left Memphis and are on our way to interview Tom Campbell, the NASA Physicist about this Book, MY Big Toe (Theory of Everything).

This update includes a small portion of our interview with Paul Martin, owner of the Crystal Shop in Salida, Colorado as he discusses the importance of crystals in consciousness studies. Thanks to Magdalaena Rushinera for giving us the Mount Shasta Crystal to travel with.

Next Update will be from Huntsville Alabama.

For all of our video updates along the way check out our 40 Days and 40 Nights Video Tour page.

Dr. Roberta Shoemaker Beal – Jungian Oriented Art Therapist

Dr. Roberta Shoemaker Beal is a Jungian Art Therapist and Art Instructor who has been deeply involved with the Austin Consciousness Community for many years. In this interview, Roberta discusses the critical importance of using art as a pre-verbal means to confront and resolve crippling mental and emotional issues buried in the sub-conscious. Roberta has a wonderful sense of humor, a brilliant mind and a passion for helping others. You will see her depth immediately upon opening this interview.